Welcome to Fight Breast Cancer 

Fight Breast Cancer Charity aims to overcome the challenge of breast cancer. The diagnosis of cancer remains a source of considerable anxiety and fear for most women. Speed is of the essence in this unpredictable cancer, which all too often takes women by surprise. Awareness with early detection, new treatments, good equipment, and on-going research help us to fight breast cancer. With early diagnosis and effective treatment, patients can have an excellent outcome. 
Fight Breast Cancer Charity aims to expand its work into the community to allow all patients – locally or nationally and whether private or NHS, to have easy access to advice, financial help, and practical assistance. The charity will endeavour to provide for patients’ and their families’ urgent and immediate assistance, as this is sometimes lacking in other organisations. 

Why Support Us? 

By supporting the Windsor Breast Clinic and Ashford & St Peter’s Breast Unit, Fight Breast Cancer Charity is committed to helping women to overcome breast cancer, to survive and lead fulfilling lives. 

Make a Donation & Help Us to Save Lives 

Breast Cancer Awareness 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, highlight the importance of breast awareness and helping to change the future for people living with breast cancer 


Ms S Shrotria MS FRCS Consultant Breast Surgeon 
Mr H Motiwala FRCS Consultant Urologist 


Lady Wilnelia Forsyth Former Miss World, model, Philanthropist 
Mrs Lorna Ponti Social worker & Chairperson for Lunch4life 

How you can help…. 

Join events to raise awareness in shopping malls and other busy locations so that we can interact directly with the public. 
Attend/ Participate in/ Help organise/free seminars during the October awareness month 
Participate in fund-raising events such as the Lunch4life Ball, held at the Wentworth Club each Spring 
Volunteer with our wellbeing initiatives and join support groups. 
Raise funds locally through your own events. 
Send donations for any amount, however small or large, with cheques made payable to Fight Breast Cancer Charity. 
Write to us about any news you wish to share. 

How we can help… 

A breast self-examination resource is available free of charge by writing to us. 
Ask the expert – any breast problem can be discussed by sending a query to Fight Breast Cancer Charity. 
A bra service is offered for women undergoing breast surgery. 
Practical advice for women and their families for travel, insurance, diet and exercise. 
Psychological assistance with counselling. 

Our Aims: 

Breast cancer affects 1 in 9 women worldwide. The diagnosis is every woman’s worst nightmare but, when treated early, it can have an excellent outcome. New treatments, good equipment and ongoing research helps us to fight breast cancer. 
Fight Breast Cancer Charity is committed to helping women overcome breast cancer, to survive and lead fulfilling lives – because as we know, life is precious. So, our mission is not to leave any stone unturned, or an idea unexplored, or any research ignored in our fight against cancer. Let us persevere with all leads for a cure, continue to look for answers in unusual places, test plants and mix chemicals in labs, until one day - we will have our Eureka moment. 

Fight Breast Cancer Charity has adopted the following goals in the battle to overcome the challenge of breast cancer: 

Spread awareness about breast cancer 
Fund research to find the causes of the disease 
Enable the use of state-of-the-art technology to treat patients 
Educate health personnel dealing with breast problems 
Help breast cancer survivors to lead a full life 
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