Cosmetic Surgery 

Breast Enlargement 

Breast Enlargement - This is carried out to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. We have only ever used the highest quality implants that are guaranteed for life. With regards to cosmetic surgery and PIP implants, Ms Shrotria has never used PIP implants. She has always used expensive implants that have the longest safety record. 

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) 

This is the reshaping and uplifting of breast tissue. The procedure is suitable for women who after breast feeding find their breasts have sagged and the nipples have drooped. The procedure is also suitable for women who have significant psychological impact because of the condition. 

Breast Reduction Surgery 

This is carried out to reduce breasts that are large/heavy and are causing referred pain in the shoulders or back. Most women avoid exercise, are self-conscious and are unable to wear clothes of their choice. The operation is also done through small scars and there is very little postoperative pain. No drains are used and patients can go home the same day. Unequal breasts / Tuberous breast/ Congenital- Can be all treated surgically with good results. 

Areola Reduction Surgery 

Sometimes areola widens post-pregnancy and post-lactation. This can be disproportionate to the rest of the breast. Patients can become self-conscious as this can show through bras and bikinis. Reducing areola size improves appearance of breasts and eases psychological distress. 

Explant Surgery 

This is usually done to remove old implants that are not safe or have ruptured. The implants are removed through existing incisions and removal of the capsule if needed. We put in new, state-of-the-art implants if replacement is requested. 

Nipple Eversion Surgery 

This is when women have inverted nipples either from birth or duct ectasia (a condition causing shortening of ducts in middle aged women). This type of surgery makes a big difference to women who have long suffered from self-consciousness. 

Scar Removal Surgery + Keloid Scar Removal 

Ms Shrotria has extensive experience in scar management. Thick scars can be painful, swollen, itchy and look unsightly. If a scar becomes too thick or raised then it is known as keloid scar. We remove these scars after thorough skin assessment and specialist management. 

Poland’s Syndrome (Congenital Condition) 

This congenital condition affects one side of the chest, resulting from absent ribs/muscle with non-development of breast tissue. This is called Poland’s Syndrome. It is also accompanied with other features such as webbed fingers/toes, dextrocardia (heart being on the opposite side of the body). Patients (both men and women) have gross asymmetry of the chest wall. We treat this condition with complex surgery to replenish the chest wall and restore symmetry. 

Accessory Breast Tissue  

Sometimes women have extra breast tissue in the armpit. Additional breast tissue can be found in the mammary line so extra breasts or nipples or a ‘third breast’ can affect some women from birth and become more prominent during pregnancy or breastfeeding. We can provide procedures to excise this. 

Asymmetrical Breasts 

At times, either from birth or puberty, breasts may develop unequally. This may be difference of >1 cup sizes. This can affect women usually teenagers. They are unable to wear clothes/swimwear, take part in sporting activities, affects their self-confidence and causes psychological distress. We are able to correct this with various techniques. 
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